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First Intensive Study Programme brings together students from Poland, Portugal and Luxembourg

13/04/2015 16:32 Stéphanie Schott

Within the framework of the Erasmus + strategic partnership ParIS (Partnership in Information Security), a first Intensive Study Programme in information security brought together students from three and lecturers from four different countries.

Altogether 25 students from the University of Lisbon’s Faculty of Science, Warsaw University of Technology and the University of Luxembourg followed one joint week of lectures around the topic of information security, held by faculty from the three above-mentioned partner universities as well as the National Technical University of Ukraine –Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. The lectures focussed on topics such as secure voting systems, fault and intrusion tolerance, verification of security protocols, software security, security risk analysis and management, distance bounding protocols, multimedia data protection, malware and cryptography. In addition, the participants were also offered a social programme, including among others a guided tour around the city of Luxembourg. The students were mainly Master students from the three participating universities, but some PhD students also took part in the programme.

In parallel to the Intensive Study Programme, a consortium meeting also took place at the University of Luxembourg. This meeting brought together professors and administrators from the four partner universities. Its main aim was to discuss the next activities within the framework of the project and to work on the development of the planned Joint Master Programme.

The ParIS project is an Erasmus + strategic partnership coordinated by the University of Luxembourg and involving the University of Lisbon’s Faculty of Science, Warsaw University of Technology and the National Technical University of Ukraine –Kyiv Polytechnic Institute as partners. Its goal is to respond to the increasing demand for specialists in the area of security, reliability and trust in information technology by developing an international joint Master’s programme in information security between the participating universities. In addition, Intensive Study Programmes take place every year with the participation of students and teaching staff from the partner institutions.

The next Intensive Study Programme will take place in the spring 2016 in Lisbon.